Crafting a tactical plan

What to blog about?

Blog Relevancy with your audience lays supreme. She will tell you how many clients have asked her to implement a blog on their site, but then blogged about topics that their audience had no relevancy with. Nothing happens.

This is why Kariann does a full WOM (word of mouth) and kewyord analysis of what peeps are saying today about specific industries, brands, or competitors. This provides a sophisticated topical program of what needs to be blogged so her clients can actively engage with their audience.

Born and raised in new media, Kariann has been captivated by blogs since their inception. An active blogger and topical researcher, she is a keen observer of blogs that are well done, and those that are off-brand. She will help you gain insights into your target audiences' use of blogs, where your brand is being mentioned, and where you should focus your energy. Blogging with relevance can increase your reach, your relationships, and your revenue.

The question of "What to blog about" is uncovered and a specific topical plan in defined. Then your blogging job is a "no brain-er".

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