Crafting a tactical plan
Social Networks

Social Media Marketing cuz It's a Social Network World

Social media marketing is the fastest growing marketing venue worldwide. The explosive growth in the number of people accessing social networks daily provides a distinct opportunity for any brand that can do its homework. Doing a full social network analysis based on demographic research and usage of networks is critical to building a solid social media marketing plan.

It's a straight forward process working with Kariann. She examines:

  • Who is using each network?
  • What tools and applications are they using in each network?
  • What are they talking about on each network? What are the latest topics and trends?
  • What are the opportunities to connect?
  • What are your competitors doing on each network? What are their weaknesses and strengths?
  • Where are the gaps that your brand can fill?
  • How can you leverage your strengths to increase your relationship building online?
Make this a turnkey part of your plan. Trust Kariann to develop the strategy and tactical roadmap for cost effective implementation. The result will impress you.
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