Crafting a tactical plan
Website Evaluation & Recommendations

Make your Website Relevant

Websites today need to have the information, graphics, and functionality that appeals to target audiences. Do you know what your target audience wants from your site? What images relate to them personally? What type of navigation do they like to use? What tools do they need to become a loyal customer? Target Audience research and website evaluation will lead to a smart design, logical navigation, and required conversion methodologies.

How do you evaluate a website?

Kariann's website evaluation and recommendations will help you understand exactly how to use your website to engage, generate interest, and develop relationships with users. Her website evaluation criteria includes:

  • Target Audience Search Behaviors and WOM (Word of Mouth)
  • Website Design (Does it resonate with your target audience?)
  • Website Content (Do you have all the required information on your site that your audience desires?)
  • Website Navigation (Do you have the right content on your top level navigation? Can the audience get to needed information?)
  • Website Conversion Path (Are you taking your audience down the right path to conversion?)
  • Website Functionality (Are you providing the right functionality that your audience needs to convert?)

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